Apache - Boeing AH-64

Autor: Mantelli - Brown - Kittel - Graf

Wydawnictwo: Edizioni R.E.I.

The Boeing AH-64 Apache is an attack helicopter developed in the United States of America since the early seventies. Use a main rotor and one tail, both with four blades. The helicopter is designed as a twin-engine two-seater in tandem, for use in anti-tank missions, assault, escort and fighter anti-helicopter, to be carried out in all weather conditions and light.The main armament consists of an automatic cannon M230 chain gun caliber 30 mm. It can be equipped with a combination of anti-tank missiles, rockets and air-to-air attached to the side flaps.The Apache is the primary attack helicopter of the US Army and the successor to the Bell AH-1 Cobra. It was designed by Hughes Helicopters to meet the requirements of the program "Helicopter Attack Advanced" (AAH) launched by the US Army in 1972.Later, the McDonnell Douglas acquired Hughes Helicopters and continued the development of the AH-64, AH-64D Apache getting the Longbow. After various corporate events, the project was awarded to Boeing Defense, Space & Security that continued production for the US requirements and for export to other countries.Apaches saw the first operational deployment in battle during the commitment of the US Army during the invasion of Panama in 1989. Other uses of war helicopter from the US Army were the 1991 Gulf War, the Kosovo war in 1999, the war in Afghanistan in 2001 and the war in Iraq 2003.The AH-64 Israelis have participated in all major military operations in his country since the nineties.
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