Cold Lonely Courage

Autor: Soren Paul Petrek

Wydawnictwo: Éditions Encre Rouge

A new adventure for Madeleine Toche, alone against the German Army !Madeleine Toche races to the front only to find her brother mortally wounded during the German Blitzkrieg attack on France at the outset of World War II. His death and her rape at the hands of an SS Stormtrooper cast Madeleine down a path of death and violence when she joins the British Special Operation Executive. Killing the Gestapo is one thing, but when she’s sent after Field Marshall Erwin Rommel the entire German Army stands in her way.Discover a new thriller with Madeleine Toche, in war against the Germans to protect herself and her brother !EXTRAITIt was spring again, and Madeleine set out to pick wild mushrooms that grew on the hills overlooking La Ciotat. The terrain was rocky with pockets of moist soil tucked under the canopy of trees. She carried a wicker basket as she walked along the narrow forested area at the edge of a cliff that overlooked the sea. Mechanically she stopped and picked up another mushroom and placed it in the basket next to two round balls of dirt hiding black truffles. She raised the basket to her face and smelled the strong aroma, trying to focus on her tasks and enjoy a few moments away from the restaurant and the worried looks of her parents.I just can’t help it, she thought. I can’t get Yves and those German pigs out of my mind. I have to do something. I can’t hide and pick mushrooms for the rest of the war.Madeleine stepped to the edge of the cliff and looked down into an inlet, knifing in from the sea, watching as a group of German soldiers lay on the beach drinking wine and splashing around in the cool azure water. A few families sat well apart from the men trying to enjoy the warmth of the beach and sun in the presence of their occupiers.CE QU'EN PENSE LA CRITIQUECold Lonely Courage is a fascinating, dark, and emotional account of many aspects of the second World War and all of its horrors. - Susanna, GoodreadsÀ PROPOS DE L'AUTEURSoren Paul Petrek est un avocat général passionné par l’étude de la Seconde Guerre mondiale. Il a vécu en France et en Angleterre, écoutant les récits de gens qui ont vécu le combat et les sacrifices lors des périodes les plus noires de la guerre. Sa poésie reflète les horreurs de ces années ainsi que les épreuves et les triomphes du peuple.Le premier roman de Soren, Courage, est inspiré de l’histoire vraie d’une jeune femme belge qui a aidé d’innombrables enfants juifs à fuir les terreurs du régime nazi.Soren partage sa vie avec Renee au Bungalow 71 à Lauderdale dans l’état du Minnesota. Ses fils, Max et Riley, tous deux artistes, vont de par le monde afin de le rendre meilleur.
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