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The must-read summary of Steven C. Brandt's book: "Entrepreneuring: the Ten Commandments for Building a Growth Company".This complete summary of the ideas from Steven C. Brandt's book "Entrepreneuring" shows that the historical model for entrepreneurial success has been to start a business from scratch or with borrowed money, build it up and then sell out for a vast fortune. Today, however, some of the world’s most successful business founders stay with their companies well past the start-up stage. For these founders, the establishment of a thriving business which continues to innovate and grow year by year is more important than selling out. This summary exposes the 10 commandments for building a growth business. These commandments are based on the experiences of real-world companies which have been built from the ground up into the medium and large-sized operations of today. The historical call of the classical entrepreneur was once, "Be your own boss". The motivation of today’s entrepreneur is now more often, "Let’s build something new of value"; entrepreneuring is a way of life.Added-value of this summary: • Save time• Understand key concepts • Develop your business knowledge To learn more, read "Entrepreneuring" and discover practical advice and vital principles for ambitious entrepreneurs.
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