Game changing innovation

Autor: Yoav Nir

Wydawnictwo: Die Keure Publishing

This book is the disquisition of what I know and truly believe makes products a success and how you can replicate it within your company.What is this book about? Why should I read this book? Why did you write this book? These were the three questions I received from a good friend.So what is this book about my good friend asks?This book is like a cookbook with recipes for lean innovation, a collection of concrete techniques and strategies that are invaluable and lead to the same end: game-changing innovation. The book is a compilation of what I consider the fundamental models for lean innovation and some of my own complementary models for successful innovation1. A supplement to the existing international reference works on innovation (Alexander Osterwalder, Eric Ries, Ash Maurya, Clayton Christensen…) I will complement and adapt the existing tools and methods. Enhance their flavor “monter la sauce” as they say in France. The book is mainly a “how to” book and a “lessons learned” book, substantiated by good analysis and reflection. Like a chess book to improve your play this book will improve your innovation. The book provides an analysis of proven tactics and strategies on how to win the lean innovation game as well as a post mortem on why it is so often lost.Should you read this book?Here is some bad news, if you were hoping to improve on your innovation by spending more on R&D, it won’t work. The consulting giant PWC confirmed in its Global Innovation 1000 research that just increasing R&D resources will not solve the innovation problem !The presented methodology can be quickly employed and implemented by the reader with the book as an instruction manual !
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