One Life

Autor: Agnes Uhereczky

Wydawnictwo: Die Keure Publishing

How to improve the management of your staff ?One Life is a must-read guide to successfully adopt work-life integration within your organisation. How can you attract and retain talent, reduce and prevent burnout, engage and motivate employees? You’ll find the answer in this book. Bursting with real examples and multidisciplinary case studies from all over the world, One Life is a fundamental reading for leaders, line-managers and small business owners alike.Discover a new complete and essential guide for all business leaders who want to manage their business in the best way !EXTRACTDo you remember the last time, you got a glimpse of the future? How exciting it feels to learn about something that is brand new, yet makes total sense: why hasn’t this been around before? We all remember some of these decisive moments, like hearing for the first time about the possibility of making free phone calls on a service called Skype. Or being able to share videos with everyone on YouTube. Or seeing prototypes of self-driving, or even flying cars, humanoid robots, or hearing Google assistant make a phone call to book an appointment at the hairdresser. The ban on cigarettes in public spaces was another such break-through. Learning about something that will change the way we have been doing certain things in one way for decades is exhilarating, perhaps fear inducing too. It’s difficult to think back on our lives before we could search for things on Google, shop online, travel via low-cost airlines, or had the single currency in the European Union.ABOUT THE AUTHORSAgnes Uhereczky is the co-founder of the WorkLife HUB, and the host of the WorkLife HUB podcast. Agnes is a change management professional, who is passionate about helping organisations reach their highest potential in attracting talent and improving employee wellbeing. She is also interested in research, and has coordinated a number of research projects into exploring the new world of work, learning about how working parents and carers cope with daily demands of work and family life.Zoltan Vadkerti is an entrepreneur, speaker and workplace consultant. He is the co-founder and Executive Director at the WorkLife HUB. He studied economics in both the Netherlands and Hungary before he moved to Brussels to becoming a lobbyist on EU social and employment policies. That experience, and many others, led him to an interest in the organisation of work and specifically on the quality of work and work-life integration.
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