Hyperscale and Microcare

Autor: Peter Verhasselt

Wydawnictwo: Die Keure Publishing

How to build winning digital products today?In this book, the authors explore what it takes to build winning digital products today. They focus on the idea that one should stop building software, and build digital services instead, effectively combining Hyperscale and Microcare: the ability to establish an intimate relationship with each and every of your thousands of users. The authors discuss the capabilities and processes you need to build such digital services. They zoom in on the kinds of assets you need to develop, and that will greatly influence the valuation, all supported with practical advice and real world examples.Discover a guide with practical advices and real world examples to build digital services and create relashionship with users.EXTRAITAs any cookbook, this work contains recipes, ingredient descriptions and best practices. To us – both amateur chefs – a flaw of most kitchen guides is the focus on lists and the weak insight they bring about the basic mechanisms. The process behind a tricky recipe like sauce Hollandaise is an emulsion between an oil and an aqueous component: butter and lemon juice are bound by egg yolk, used as an emulsifier. Digital entrepreneurship (cook) books show the same weakness. They distill guide-lines without linking them to the root mechanisms in digital.We base our recipes on these mechanisms. To explain them, we tell the story through the arrival of three digital paradoxes. Paradoxes intrigue, trigger curiosity, and animate a discussion between peers. That’s why they are excellent starting material to reason about a world in change.À PROPOS DE L'AUTEURPeter Verhasselt coaches technology companies in optimizing their Product Management, Business Plan and Go-to-Market strategy. Before joining Sirris, Peter worked for industrial companies in Sales and Product Management, Field Service and R&D. Peter has degrees in Engineering, Law, Economics and Management.Nick Boucart is a mentor, coach and regular speaker on topics like Cloud, SaaS, Data Driven Product Management and Software Engineering. He’s an interim CTO for a number of startups. Prior to working at Sirris, Nick was a software engineer at LMS International and EMC.
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