Understanding Racism in a Post-Racial World

Autor: Sunshine Kamaloni

Wydawnictwo: Springer International Publishing

This book addresses the question: how can we talk about race in a world that is considered post-racial, a world where race doesn’t exist? Kamaloni engages with the tradition of everyday racism and traces the process of racialisation through the interaction of bodies in space. Exploring the embodied experience exposes the idea of post-racialism as a response to continued cultural anxieties about race and the desire to erase it. Understanding Racism in a Post-Racial World presents a broader question about what everyday encounters about race might tell us about the current cultural construction of race. 

The book provides a much-needed investigation of the intersection of race, bodies and space as a critical part of how bodies and spaces become racialised, and will be of value to students and scholars interested in understanding and discussing race across interdisciplinary areas such as cultural studies, communication, gender studies, geography, body studies, literature studies and urban studies. 

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