Solar Shading Systems: Design, Performance, and Integrated Photovoltaics

Autor: Maria Mandalaki

Wydawnictwo: Springer International Publishing

This is the first book to describe the development of and state of the art in solar shading devices in buildings, detailing all methods of evaluating shading systems according to thermal and visual comfort. 

The issue of energy balance in buildings is gaining importance as conventional energy sources dwindle and become more expensive. As such, environmental concerns should be considered in overall design decisions. 

The book discusses the role sun control “machines” play in controlling solar and thermal radiation. It examines their geometry, their position in relation to glazing and their operation (in the cases of movable systems) to control the heat and light entering a building, as well as how their material and color influence their performance.

This book appeals to architects and designers who are interested in efficient energy facade design.

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