Smart Cities Performability, Cognition, & Security

Wydawnictwo: Springer International Publishing

This book provides knowledge into the intelligence and security areas of smart-city paradigms. It focuses on connected computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, and/or people that are provided with unique identifiers. The authors discuss the ability to transmit data over a wireless network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction via secure/intelligent methods. The authors also provide a strong foundation for researchers to advance further in the assessment domain of these topics in the IoT era. The aim of this book is hence to focus on both the design and implementation aspects of the intelligence and security approaches in smart city applications that are enabled and supported by the IoT paradigms. 

  • Presents research related to cognitive computing and secured telecommunication paradigms;
  • Discusses development of intelligent outdoor monitoring systems via wireless sensing technologies;
  • With contributions from researchers, scientists, engineers and practitioners in telecommunication and smart cities.

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