Probability and Analysis in Interacting Physical Systems

Wydawnictwo: Springer International Publishing

This Festschrift on the occasion of the 75th birthday of S.R.S. Varadhan, one of the most influential researchers in probability of the last fifty years, grew out of a workshop held at the Technical University of Berlin, 15–19 August, 2016. This volume contains ten research articles authored by several of Varadhan's former PhD students or close collaborators. The topics of the contributions are more or less closely linked with some of Varadhan's deepest interests over the decades: large deviations, Markov processes, interacting particle systems, motions in random media and homogenization, reaction-diffusion equations, and directed last-passage percolation.

The articles present original research on some of the most discussed current questions at the boundary between analysis and probability, with an impact on understanding phenomena in physics. This collection will be of great value to researchers with an interest in models of probability-based statistical mechanics.

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