Climate Change and Renewable Energy

Autor: Martin J. Bush

Wydawnictwo: Springer International Publishing

This book presents a comprehensive overview of the global climate change impacts caused by the continued use of fossil fuels, which results in enormous damage to the global environment, biodiversity, and human health. It argues that the key to a transition to a low carbon future is the rapid and large-scale deployment of renewable energy technologies in power generation, transport and industry, coupled with super energy-efficient building design and construction. However, the author also reveals how major oil companies and petrochemical conglomerates have systematically attempted to manufacture doubt and uncertainty about global warming and climate change, continue to block the commercialization of solar energy and wind power, and impede the electrification of the transport sector. Martin Bush’s solution is a theory-of-change approach to substantially reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by 2050, which sets out realistic steps that people can take now to help make a difference.

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