New Trends in One-Dimensional Dynamics

Wydawnictwo: Springer International Publishing

This volume presents the proceedings of the meeting New Trends in One-Dimensional Dynamics, which celebrated the 70th birthday of Welington de Melo and was held at the IMPA, Rio de Janeiro, in November 2016. 

Highlighting the latest results in one-dimensional dynamics and its applications, the contributions gathered here also celebrate the highly successful meeting, which brought together experts in the field, including many of Welington de Melo’s co-authors and former doctoral students.

Sadly, Welington de Melo passed away shortly after the conference, so that the present volume became more a tribute to him. His role in the development of mathematics was undoubtedly an important one, especially in the area of low-level dynamics, and his legacy includes, in addition to many articles with fundamental contributions, books that are required reading for all newcomers to the field.

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