Analysis and Design of Delayed Genetic Regulatory Networks

Autor: Xian Zhang

Wydawnictwo: Springer International Publishing

This book offers an essential introduction to the latest advances in delayed genetic regulatory networks (GRNs) and presents cutting-edge work on the analysis and design of delayed GRNs in which the system parameters are subject to uncertain, stochastic and/or parameter-varying changes. Specifically, the types examined include delayed switching GRNs, delayed stochastic GRNs, delayed reaction–diffusion GRNs, delayed discrete-time GRNs, etc. In addition, the solvability of stability analysis, control and estimation problems involving delayed GRNs are addressed in terms of linear matrix inequality or M-matrix tests.

The book offers a comprehensive reference guide for researchers and practitioners working in system sciences and applied mathematics, and a valuable source of information for senior undergraduates and graduates in these areas. Further, it addresses a gap in the literature by providing a unified and concise framework for the analysis and design of delayed GRNs.

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