Cell Migrations: Causes and Functions

Wydawnictwo: Springer International Publishing

Cell migration plays an important role during development and in many physiological and pathological processes, from wound healing to cancer. This edited volume presents a collection of contributions meant to illustrate the state of the art on this topic from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Readers will find a detailed discussion of the properties of individual and collective cell migration, including the associated biochemical regulation and important biophysical and biomechanical aspects. The book includes information on the latest experimental techniques employed to study cell migration, from microfluidics to traction force microscopy, as well as the latest theoretical and computational models used to interpret the experimental data. Finally, the role of cell migration in cancer and in development is also reviewed.

The contents of this work should appeal to students and researchers in biology and biophysics who want to get up to date on the latest interdisciplinary development in this broad field of research. The chapters are written in a self-contained form and can also be used as individual articles.

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