Semilocal Categories and Modules with Semilocal Endomorphism Rings

Autor: Alberto Facchini

Wydawnictwo: Springer International Publishing

This book collects and coherently presents the research that has been undertaken since the author’s previous book Module Theory (1998). In addition to some of the key results since 1995, it also discusses the development of much of the supporting material.

In the twenty years following the publication of the Camps-Dicks theorem, the work of Facchini, Herbera, Shamsuddin, Puninski, Prihoda and others has established the study of serial modules and modules with semilocal endomorphism rings as one of the promising directions for module-theoretic research.

Providing readers with insights into the directions in which the research in this field is moving, as well as a better understanding of how it interacts with other research areas, the book appeals to undergraduates and graduate students as well as researchers interested in algebra.

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