Japanese LGBT Diasporas

Autor: Masami Tamagawa

Wydawnictwo: Springer International Publishing

With little existing scholarship on LGBT diaspora from Asia, this groundbreaking book examines the intersectionality of migration, sexuality, and gender, as well as race and ethnicity, through an analysis of the transnational experiences of Japanese LGBT diasporas in the USA, Canada and Australia. Employing a variety of methods, including a questionnaire, ethnographic analysis and case studies, the author demonstrates and analyses LGBT experiences where the notion of “gay-friendly” Japan prevails, looking at their reasons to flee the country and their diverse experiences in their host country. These include their needs and want for social services for Japanese LGBT diaspora. Findings are comparatively examined with LGBT refugees’ experiences, among LGBT subgroups, as well as across the three countries, highlighting the significance of gender, race and ethnicity, as well as immigration policy, in the experiences of LGBT diasporas from Japan. This book will appeal to students and scholars interested in Migration, Race and Ethnicity, Gender and Sexuality, and Asian Studies.

Masami Tamagawa is Senior Teaching Professor of Japanese Studies, Gender Studies, and Asian Studies at Skidmore College, USA.

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