From the Mountains to the Table

Autor: Kurt Bracharz

Wydawnictwo: Löwenzahn Verlag

Unmistakably good: what has made alpine cheese from Vorarlberg so special for 2000 years are the original method of its production and its distinctive taste, characterized by the grasses and herbs of the alpine meadows. In 'From the Mountains to the Table' Kurt Bracharz vividly describes why cheese and its production are so highly regarded in the west of Austria. He tells of the love of nature and hard work which have shaped the people and their traditions to this day. Sophisticated recipes from starred chefs Mike Schwarzenbacher and Florian Mairitsch as well as impressive photographs of life on the alp, of the cultivation of traditions, and of cheese production, make this book into a beautiful homage to the alpine dairy and its cheese. - Texts by Kurt Bracharz, published by Josef Rupp - Everything you want to know about the various alpine dairy products - Historical facts about cheese making in Vorarlberg - Insights into the alpine dairymen's work throughout the year - Cooking with cheese then and now - Numerous delicious recipes and atmospheric photos
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