Between Shadows

Autor: Stjepan Maksimovic

Wydawnictwo: BookRix

Curses, witchcraft, magic and binding spells have been present throughout human history. Although now associated with some exotic places, they are still practised worldwide. The story you are about to read tells about a deep true love between a poor young man and a rich girl somewhere in the Slavonia at the turn of the millennium. Their love was radiant, dazzling... its magic was simply overwhelming... ''... Love has no boundaries, it can't be measured, Anna would say as they strolled beneath the stars touching the golden threads of the night. Their hearts were imbued with love, love pouring like sweet wine from a goblet of joy, running through hot lips, gaze, and touch... love, like a soft, seducing whisper...'' United in the most beautiful feeling of all, they managed to overcome so many obstacles. Their love defied all earthly mischief and misfortunes. All but one. ''... Everybody wanted her dreams to come true, their dreams ... dreams supposed to bring joy. Everybody but one creature, dressed in her black spells. Her ears pricked down in dark shadows, listening to a devil's sign... a place for a bat's wing... a grey falcon's beak...on a Christmas Eve covered with deep snow...two glasses full of hot brandy and one glass, empty, turned upside down to welcome the pledge of Gomorrah brothers. Only her... who rode on Sodom broom...''
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