About Hearing

Autor: Heinrich and Hildegard Becker

Wydawnictwo: Books on Demand

The purpose of this book is to give each reader courage to depend completely upon the Holy Spirit when praying with and blessing others and when practicing counselling. Through Listening. He knows exactly what each individual person needs and what can help them the most. 25 years of experiencing the working of the Holy Spirit have been woven into these accounts. Building upon Listening Prayer and Listening Blessing, we are led into Listening Counselling. This book is not one (a book) which should teach a method, so that we can learn how to counsel as if following a recipe, but shares the accounts of the miracles which we experienced as we were closely led by the Holy Spirit. How well he knows his children, how he lovingly brings to their attention what is hidden and can be a help to us. So that the Father’s children can finally enter and live in freedom.
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