different boys - Episode 5

Autor: Norman Stark

Wydawnictwo: Bastei Lübbe

EPISODE 5: GAY PRIDE AND OTHER DISASTERS Gay Pride weekend in San Francisco. Everyone is excited about the big parade. Ella is planning to participate with her own float to represent the Dive. Colin can't wait to see all the hot guys who will show up in town for the event. And for the first time in his life, Tom won't be watching the parade as a single man. But nothing goes as planned: Ella attracts the wrong kind of attention with her float's bizarre theme, a terrible mistake from Colin's past catches up with him, and Tom gets dangerously close to Michael. Too close? DIFFERENT BOYS is a digital-only contemporary gay romance series spanning 6 episodes. The new gay romance series "different boys" tells the tempestuous story of Colin and Tom, twin brothers who could scarcely be more different from one another, but who are both simply trying to get their lives in order and find the secret to love and happiness.
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