different boys - Episode 1

Autor: Norman Stark

Wydawnictwo: Bastei Lübbe

Twin brothers looking for love - one between the sheets, the other beyond the bedroom Episode 1: SURPRISES GREAT AND SMALL Twins, Colin and Tom, could scarcely be more different from one another. Colin regards monogamy as a tragic denial of human nature and prides himself in his sexual escapades. His job as a flight attendant takes him all around the world, allowing him to frequent the most popular gay hotspots and meet the hottest guys. Tom prefers to surround himself with beautiful objects. He runs his own designer boutique in San Francisco, selling home accessories. Among all the gleaming candlesticks and plush cushions, though, something is missing - the one thing he longs for more than anything else: his ideal man, the love of his life. Then one day, that man literally falls at Tom's feet ... DIFFERENT BOYS is a digital-only contemporary gay romance series spanning 6 episodes.
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