The Bloody Human Saga of Galapagos

Autor: George Egnal

Wydawnictwo: Books on Demand

This publication summarizes the story of a species that has only recently, at least in geological time, arrived in the Galápagos Islands: man. While literally thousands of scientific, newspaper and magazine articles, books, and television specials have extolled the remarkable natural history of the islands, very few authors have addressed their remarkable and intriguing human history. A history full of blood and grief! Consequently, many who are interested in or visit the islands are ignorant of man‘s often desperate, sometimes enlightening, other times tumultuous, but always fascinating, plight in the islands. Before exploring the bloody human saga of Galápagos, the natural history of the islands is briefly reviewed so that the reader can appreciate why they are considered an ecological jewel of global importance, and gain insight into why the growing presence of man is evoking controversy.
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