Notes on the Way of St. James

Autor: Stephan Groborsch

Wydawnictwo: Books on Demand

“Notes on the Way of St. James” is his account of that journey which began in the early Spring of 2011. The book chronicles the various stages of the adventure from its uncertain beginning through a doubt plagued stretch in Switzerland where Stephan wondered where he would ever find the fortitude to finish the pilgrimage. This doubt never fully left him until his arrival at the Spanish city of Santa Domingo de la Calzada. A rejuvenated Stephan ended his journey in late June 2011 at Santiago de Compostela, “the end of the world”, where he finally appreciated the full meaning of the words that a millennia of pilgrims before him had also realized: “The way gives you what you need”. Now fully recovered, Stephan is planning his next adventure, a hike from his home in Bavaria to Rome along the Via Francigena.
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