Poetic Memoirs of a Young Son

Autor: Eugy Enoch

Wydawnictwo: BookRix

Wondering about my footsteps Yeah! About my footsteps Wondering how my footsteps would go to the unknown place Even on great speed, I wondered; However, I kept moving. Greaterness diffused in my thoughts.I thought of how the environment now seemed,It seemed greater than my human greatness;The environment moved.The grasses, trees, all moved at great speed than my footsteps did I increased my speed but it was of little help to me; Around me was faster.I knew I had greater authority;My environment had greater power.I was beginning to get feebleLittle did I know when I gave in with my authority to greater power.And so steadily on did I continue until to the cave I got.Many stairs led to the cave,Bewilderment and null expectation accompanied me down the rocky stairs,To a large open cave it led;Water gushed out through a conduit and onto a conveying stream.I stopped midway the large curved step to stare;I have never beheld such sight.This place is called Ogba:Where people that lived in the community fetched water.Aside from water, the place exhumed ancient mysticism,So much that a photographic camera is useless here,Pictures taken here do not print.Whatever made Ogba a place of water now,It sure was more than a place of water more years ago:The gods must have been served here...............The book (Poetic Memoirs of a Young Son) is a collection of poems that describe my life journey as a youth and young person, detailing my experiences as I pack my things to head for higher institution and all through higher institution and after. These experiences include: my frustrations, Betrayals, Disappointments, Confusions, Loneliness' and all lessons learnt. Also included are my idea and thoughts for the future. Life has been a mixture of sadness, loneliness, and happiness and here in this piece you have all that plus more in poems…
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