The Gaza Project

Autor: Cyrill Delvin

Wydawnictwo: epubli

»At the same time eight year old Abdul heard a familiar hissing noise. He had heard the sound several times before. But never as close, as loud and as short. He and his little brother hadn’t yet fully turned around when they saw the two missiles. After that they didn’t perceive anything for a long time. The explosion tore the two brothers apart and severed them from everything they loved – forever. Even time had abandoned the moment.« ––––– Middle East. Senator Reeds, a multi-billionaire, has big plans. His aim: to substitute a useless peace summit with a promising economic summit. He regards the availability of drinking water as the key to resolving the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Hence his international consortium undertakes further research in improving the treatment of sea water. Money and power for the benefit of humankind instead of war. But this is a provocation to those who have benefited from the regional instability so far. ––––– In its frantic course of events, history has no place for the fears and hopes, the despair and hatred of individuals. But nevertheless, three people brace themselves against it with all their force and power: the Palestinian Abdoul Rahim, the Israeli Abarron Preiss and the American Charles Reed. They cannot and will not accept what is given. Their motivation for pursuing what they personally believe in links their three destinies inextricably together.
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