Going Abroad 2014

Autor: Waldemar Pfoertsch

Wydawnictwo: epubli

Going abroad - How to understand foreign markets and do business around the globe Understanding foreign culture is essential for all business people around globe. With this publication, managers and students who potentially want or need to do business in foreign countries are provided with a “how to do manual”. This book actually encourages new managers to prepare for this step and make them more sensible about potential pitfalls and lost opportunities. The reader will learn about: How to understand your own culture and how to behave when dealing with others How to make things happen abroad How to sell to foreigners How to win a bargain How to understand each other in international teams How to get along with the bosses at home How to get the best performance out of your employees How to teach in a foreign Country What it takes to be a winner Here the reader can get guidelines for Business and Social Eti-quette. He can learn a lot about international ways of doing business, and understand Business and Social Etiquette in various countries. This publication gives also valuable advice, how deal with the company headquarters, when you are abroad and how to balance your social life in the foreign environment. It is written from a global perspective and answers questions, which many have learned the hard way. After reading this small booklet the reader will have a much easier way to participate on the rapid growth of international business.
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