Soundtrack to Torment

Autor: Julian Clyne

Wydawnictwo: epubli

"The next thing that penetrates my perception is the blue sky above the clouds. Perfect, untainted azure, as if everything was alright, as if nothing could ever break the peace, as if they right in saying that, up here, the sun always shines. But it's just an illusion. For I'm flying East, into the night, and up here the night is even darker." Purest silence, the underwater world, travels to distant lands, mirrors: they are both escape and revelation for these characters who go through loss and existential crises, who feel love and loneliness in the city, who seek beauty in the minute as time is slowed down to just one moment. All the protagonists might just be various facets of one and the same. For at the heart of this album of possibly interrelated short stories and prose poems stands the question: “Of all myselves, which is my self?” and attempts at finding an answer.
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