Two Strange And Scandalous Galapagos Stories

Autor: Nicolas Montemolinos

Wydawnictwo: Books on Demand

Close to the equator, west of the state of Ecuador, lie the Turtle or Galápagos Islands. One of these — not very large — is called “Floreana". Several hills rising about 1800 feet above sea-­level. Lava-­extinguished volcanoes; hard, loamy soil; a bay on the west side and one on the north; plains covered with impenetrable bush; lemon and orange groves; two poor roads; a little sweet water; some swamp-­land; several dilapidated caves once used by pirates; the house of two German emigrants: Dr. Frederick Ritter and his young and sexually explicit mistress Dore Strauch. In 1932 Margret Wittmer, the famous "Queen of Floreana", her husband Heinrich Wittmer and her stepson Harry also emigrated to Floreana. Dr. Ritter didn't survive these new settlers. Was he murdered? The death of Dr. Ritter still remains one of the greatest mysteries in the history of Galapagos. This Ebook tells the truth about the exciting lifes of Margret Wittmer and Frederick Ritter.
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