Tale of a Tail

Autor: Evelyn G Lohmann

Wydawnictwo: Books on Demand

Is the third book in the Ark Of Hoof Prints. Tale of Tails Hoof Prints-Tale of a Tail. The land that had been closed for so long is now open to sightseers. Mara lived with a herd of horses when she was a baby, after her parents were killed in the accident, till she was rescued by other members of her family. Her father was a rescue driver in the War Zone. It was all Mara dreamed of, becoming a rescue driver with a team of horses, like her father. A program controlling the Com-Pax that runs everyday life has been stolen! The missing program has been found by the Co-Driver of a Team of ponies who were taken from the Closed Lands! The program must not fall into the hands of those that wish to have control of the ‘Black Gold’. It is in the interest of Oil the War Zone is enlarged. This is part one- Part two- A twist in the Tale.
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