How I escaped dialysis ...

Autor: Dieter Reinecker

Wydawnictwo: Books on Demand

At the age of 57 years, the author was diagnosed with terminal chronic renal insufficiency. He had to decide: kidney transplant or dialysis. The author decided against both. He investigated the causes and interrelations between the disease and his life. Which way he went and how he went it, he does not describe drily, scientifically and matter-of-factly, but in a lively, humorous, exciting and thrilling way as in a novel, so that everyone can understand what it means to work yourself out of the deepest crisis of your life, that it is worthwhile to fight, that you can change habits, that you can change your life and how important it is to have the right woman by your side. Incidentally the reader does not only learn basic knowledge about kidneys and nutrition, but also a unique view on life itself.
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