Lost in Salsa fever

Autor: Eva Kowalski

Wydawnictwo: Books on Demand

Cuba, Havanna, Berlin, Crime, passion, Salsa, dancing. For a long time her passion for salsa has dictated her life. Simone and Julia enjoy island life in the Caribbean, go for walks on the Malecon, listen to one of the best Cuban bands, travel by bus through Havana. When during the last hours of her vacation Simone meets a nice attractive young man, who is also virtuoso dancer, she falls head over heels in love with him. The fact that he wants to marry straightaway is flattering for a woman in her late forties and spontaneously she decides to embark on an affair with the salsero. Just a few weeks later the wedding takes place in Havana. In her excitement over her new relationship she neglects her friend Julia and doesn’t notice that Julia has very mixed feelings about her friend’s plans. After arriving in Germany Simone and Orlando face exactly the same problems as innumerable other couples who come from different cultures. But their love is great and they’re willing to make it work together. For a time everything goes well, but then Orlando starts leaving his wife alone night after night and finally begins a relationship with an attractive young businesswoman, Veronika Pieler. One day all four of them meet together and fate runs its course. A crime is committed. Detective Inspector Ela and her colleague Singe try to shine a light into the darkness of this confused story. In the course of the investigation the two charismatic detectives not only draw the readers with them into the salsa scene and celebrity venues, but also turn into guides through the new cosmopolitan Berlin.
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