GPS Praxis Book Garmin Oregon 6xx Series

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Enjoy tours and see the rooftop of the world. Don't get distracted by countless orienteering stops and the search for information in a paper map. Thanks to GPS at your fingertips, experience technological progress with which you have all the information for routing and movement in view and can see exactly what is yet to be accomplished along the trail to your destination. Let us show you how it's done. This book covering the new Oregon GPS series, with the 600/650 model designation, is once again packed with useful tips and tricks specifically for this model and for planning tours on a PC (instructions for Garmin mapping software for Windows users, Mac with variations). Easy to understand, step-by-step explanations and backed by many photos, it contains everything you need to know as a GPS beginner for a meaningful and quick start into the practical application. We go into details that are often tripping hazards and through clearly structured contents, show how it's all done. The casual nature of this book invites you to join in and at the same, leaves you time to make your own personal device settings. This is American-English translation of the original German title "GPS Praxisbuch Oregon 6xx-Serie"
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