Again in the relation-shit?

Autor: Dipl.Psych. Sonja Tolevski

Wydawnictwo: BookRix

A relationship is something strange. Most people want a love-relationship; because they think it could enrich their lives. Then they finally have one and already after a couple of weeks you hear them complain about the relationship. Of course, all that glitters is not gold, but how long does a relationship glitter anyway? We are spending an incredible amount of time with the relationship.I would almost say that we are spending more time with it in our heads than in real life. Throughout the day we spend maybe 4 or 5 hours with our sweethearts, probably more over the weekend. BUT…how many hours per day are we turning him over in our minds?It is solely ourselves that are creating our problems. It is not always the others, even if it may sound better and be better for our own image. How much of all the crap we experience everyday are we actually creating ourselves? What opinions, emotions, truths or likewise untruths do we have within ourselves that bring forth these very difficulties?
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