Da Vinci's Cases: Leonardo and the Dungeon of the Black Riders

Autor: Alfred Bekker

Wydawnictwo: BookRix

Da Vinci's Cases by Alfred Bekker The scope of this book is 120 pages paperback. In the small village of Vinci, near Florence, in 1462: The watermark form of the Medici Bank has been stolen out of Master Andrea di Marco's paper mill. Shocking! Because the paper must be at the bank within three days. What is that theft all about? For Leonardo and Carlo there is only one explanation: Counterfeit! And not more than three days remain to stop the counterfeiter gang's game. Alfred Bekker, born in 1964, writes fantasy, historical novels, criminal novels and books for young readers. His historical adventures for young readers are full of suspense, stuff which even kids who hate reading cannot resist. The German-language print editions appeared in 2008/2009 in the Arena Taschenbuchverlag; Translations are available in Turkish, Indonesian, Danish and Bulgarian.
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