The Islam Conspiracy

Autor: Matthias Richter

Wydawnictwo: Books on Demand

The Islamic State is at the climax of its power. When a German journalist is captured and sentenced to death, the German government sends a so called Jumper, in order to negotiate a ransom. The experienced secret agent Paulsen and his young and motivated partner take on the journey to Mosul and witness things, the Islamic State is not keen on sharing with the world. The meeting with the caliph ahead, they wonder if they can trust the word of the Caliph. At the same time an attack occurs in Miami committed by an islamist terrorist. The court psychiatrist Adriana Borrero is entrusted with creating an opinion on the suspect. With time she encounters several inconsistencies in his story. She starts to investigate with a police friend of hers and soon discovers that the Islamic State is an invention of the CIA, sacrificing countless lives. But can she save the endangered people in time?
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