A Liberal Temptation

Autor: Delilah Jay

Wydawnictwo: epubli

Eddie, a twelve year old boy from San Francisco lives with his father Edward in London. There Edward D. Wilton IV. meets his fiancée Edwina who is desperately keen on getting married to him. She just got divorced from her husband Victor, a Scottish entrepreneur and lobbyist of the Liberal party in England. Edward, a very wealthy and powerful American businessman, managed to get sole custody of his son Eddie by scheming and using the legal system in America. He sees in Edwina a future fulltime nanny for his son who suffers the strict regime of his step mother day by day. In the posh London surroundings of Knightsbridge, the noble Queen’s Club, the boarding school and the country house in Scotland, Eddie has to obey Edwina’s snobby protocol. He misses his mother terribly who lives in California dependent on alcohol and class ‘A’ drugs. She can only see her son very rarely and under total control of the mighty father.
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