Daily kitchen

Autor: Bernhard Long

Wydawnictwo: epubli

Rump steak with tomatoes and arugula • Aubergine bake with tomatoes, Parmesan and mozzarella • Ham noodle cake with gorgonzola and crispy crust • Shrimp on cucumber and orange salad with orange and lime sauce • Vegetarian savoy cabbage with green core walnut filling • Fast turkey with peach and cucumber salsa • Potato cream soup with bacon • Red cabbage potato gratin with goat's cheese • Steamed cod with mustard sauce • Beef ragout in sour cream with mushrooms and pasta • French herring salad with goat cheeses • Colorful mango cabbage salad with mini sesame chips • Pasta with tomato sauce and smoked tofu • Piquant stew with pears, beans and cassafers in an easy way • savoy-lasagne with tomato sauce • Onion soup with baked cheese baguette • Celery potato gratin with soy cream • Baked loaf fillet in carrot coat • Serbian rice with turkey, pepper and tomatoes • Ribbon noodles with radicchio in creamy ham sauce
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