The Climate Matrix

Autor: Téo Corthout

Wydawnictwo: Books on Demand

This book is an independent view on climate. A first chapter explains how climate works. How can we measure climate? What drives climate? The Second chapter shows the fierceness and brutality with which climate impacts human society the last 4000years. A third chapter a window to the past and to the future in terms of millions of years. I admit I was really surprised to see what climate is doing in terms of millions of years. This book will guide you through your world as you cannot imagine your world. Mega lakes of hundreds of kilometer and hundreds of meter deep disappear and appear like mushrooms. Half a planet dies and comes back alive in a couple of millennia. The dynamics are sometimes mindboggling. This book shows the complex interaction of atmosphere and live and reverse to an extend you may not have expected. This book makes the hard work visible of organizations, researches, universities, institutions, sponsors. They make the invisible visible. Thank you! This book also pointed to the vulnerability of this planet. Climate can destroy faster and more than humans can, at the other hand humans have the possibility to fix climate as we understand climate drivers better. Téo Corthout
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