The Marriage Wait (Trilogy B1)

Autor: Cupideros Cupideros

Wydawnictwo: BookRix

Keisha Heart wants a real marriage to a man passionate, who talks, but she is unsure if she is lovable enough to get him.Now when Keisha sang, she realized the toils and dangers of John Newton.  He saw the suffering he wrote about.  It was no theoretical songs.  He was there in a way no person today can understand.  Today's educators are renaming African-slaves, of the slave trade, "immigrant workers" as if they volunteered to travel to America in chains, squalor, as if women volunteered to be raped, men and women being starved, as if to obtain some economic opportunity.  The song Amazing Grace showed how the slaves wanted to jump to the sharks following slave ships in the choppy Atlantic waters below.    In compared to John Newton's problems, her problems were slight ripples.  Worrying about how do I get there--married?  Worrying, am I really a grownup unless I get and keep a man?  Worrying why I keep myself fine looking and my hair straightened and done in this cute-girl-flip style.  I don't have any real problems.  I have a home and roof over my head, a decent middle-class job, two good children, and we eat three meals a day.  I have good friends and associations.  What am I complaining for?  Fight off the negative vibes of the media and anyone else around you, Keisha girl!
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