Any 0318's Panic

Autor: Mag nestro

Wydawnictwo: BookRix

Who do you think you're dealing with?  Any0318 and Captain Magno are locked into a new battle against their most formidable foe named La Femagna to begin a new series entitled the Exo-Ship Wars and tensions are mounting extraordinarily high.  Both Any0318 and Captain Magno believe that they are the leaders of the Physical Realm still, despite such a new offensive attack by La Femagna that proves to be a great challenge for control of the Physical Realm.  It's just now beginning.  The situation is heating up and who knows what might happen next.  This definitely is going to be a great beginning to an interesting and twisted and curved plot.  This is an intensely competitive rivalry for the control of the entire physical realm and there's no telling how dangerous this entire situation can possibly become.  Reader beware, you must keep an open mind because this is the beginning of the suspense of a brand new series.  Any0318 has really panicked this time and is extremely unsure of what to expect from La Femagna this time.  Any 0318 and Captain Magno must work very hard to prevent La Femagna from taking asunder.  This is just the beginning......
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