Autor: Sciantel Crista

Wydawnictwo: BookRix

This is the continuation from Book One: PANDORA'S BOX, of Short stories Volumes One and Two. In Volume Two: PURGATORY, is the short stories of...1. SAND CASTLESWhat if you were stranded on a new world and come to find castles stood high on a desert floor. Is this a place of Paradise or a planet of terror? 2. ASTRAL–PSYCHOCome with Missy and get a membership into the best Sorority House on Campus. No big deal if the gateway might lead to Hell itself.3. IN-BETWEENPeople have disappeared and Annaber is afraid it might be the Rapture that was spoken would happen, according to the New Testament Bible. She further investigates by finding a Bible which are now outlawed. But despite her roommate's advice to never read it, the truth plunges both girls into a nightmare world of the supernatural kind.4. THE LAST DAYSAn expedition journeys to the center of earth. Two people must find why the world has cracked in two. One side will have no hope.
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