Autor: Christian Dörge

Wydawnictwo: BookRix

Spectropia Suite. A description of a 21st century text?It's a post-modernistic society. Globalisation of companies has pre-occupied lives, individualism and has eliminated the cultural and artistic artefacts as well. Information is recycled through past philosophy and styles within the world's history and culture.The Spectropia Suite allows human beings to link themselves to the age of arts and literature.Inside the Spectropia Suite there's: analysis, meaning and association.SPECTROPIA SUITE, the short story, is about a late 21st century computer hacker named K.; he created a program within the program to return – virtually – to the City of Prague (19.2 K in thousand). He's is on a search for a man called Franz Kafka to find out what in the world is real and what is not…
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