The Secret of Positive Thinking

Autor: Andrej Mlinšek

Wydawnictwo: BookRix

The book Positive Thinking was written with the intention of helping us overcome all our challenges in life, improving our health and gain an unstoppable flow of energy. Today many people are experiencing defeat at overcoming daily obstacles in life. We must learn to think in a positive way and to embed positive thought patterns into our lives. If we learn to think in a positive manner, we can raise ourselves above the obstacles and begin to live a happy and pleasing life. I tend to think of this book as of an ENERGY MANUAL which is action-orientated and designed for personal improvement. By applying the thoughts of this book you may experience better health and a new satisfaction in life. I sincerely hope that this book will teach the reader to think positively and bring them health, success and better human relations. All my life I have been trying to practice positive thinking, especially when working with people in direct sales which has been my line of business for the last twenty years. All the thoughts and claims that you will read in this book have been verified in person by myself during my most difficult moments which caught up with me some years ago. I overcame those moments through faith, trust and positive thinking, and began to build my life all over again. Today my life is filled with joy and pleasure. Andrej Mlinšek
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