999 Powerful Prayers That Overcome The Spirit Of Rising And Falling

Autor: Olusegun Festus Remilekun

Wydawnictwo: BookRix

PrefaceThe season of rising and falling is a period of setback. The enemy has placed some embargo of progress against many. They cannot rise. They cannot complete their tasks. They cannot marry. They cannot achieve their God-given destiny.This spirit can make a man succeed today and fail many times tomorrow. People affected by these demons have a problem with stable progress and finances. It is either they are rich today and poor tomorrow. So the circle evolves until there is a need for deliverance.Rising and falling is an evil spiritual manipulation designed to make a person fail and abandon his project. It is the spiritual work to destroy the glory of a man and make him useless in his marriage, career, business, spiritual life, health, and finances.Are you experiencing these following symptoms?Profitless hard laborUntold hardship and sufferingSpending money extravagantlyOppression and suppressionDisappointment and frustrationBlockage to blessingsProcrastinationPoverty and lackStagnation and embargoNightmaresMarital managementOff and on blessingsSorrow and setbacksLack of help from God and manDemotionSack from workBlaming peopleBad luckFinancial and marital problemUnexplainable hatred and rejectionSelling off properties graduallyQuarreling between husband  and wifeJoblessness spiritBorrowing without no money to payFrustration that leads to police case or arrestTerminal sicknessCobwebs attackMasturbationAngerThen the prayers in this book are what you need.  The prayers in this book will terminate the spirit of rising and falling in your life and take you to your original destiny of greatness in life. They will enable you to have unusual revelations that will give you a new direction in life and all closed doors against you will open, in Jesus name!Grab your own copy now!  
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