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FUDGE! – Nectar From The Gods   The Complete Book of Delectable Fudge Recipes!   I have to admit it: I just LOVE fudge!  In fact, I love fudge so much that I decided to write a book about it!  To say this book is a labor of love is an understatement!   Following months of research, I assembled more than 200 Delicious, Delectable, and occasionally Decadent fudge recipes, many of them my personal favorites!  After adding a chapter about the History Of Fudge and another chapter revealing Tips & Hints For Making Fabulous Fudge, the book FUDGE! was born!   From The Definitive FUDGE! Authority.........   FUDGE! proudly presents 15 different chapters of Fudge Recipes, including:   A BIT O' THE SAUCE FUDGE RECIPES (fudge with a kick!) BRAND NAME FUDGE RECIPES (featuring products from Kraft Foods) CELEBRITY FUDGE RECIPES (furnished by the likes of George Peppard, Loretta Lynn, Mamie Eisenhower, and others) CHEESE FUDGE RECIPES COCONUT FUDGE RECIPES COFFEE FUDGE RECIPES COOKIES & CANDY FUDGE RECIPES EXOTIC FUDGE RECIPES (fudge recipes with a 'Wow" factor!) FRUIT FUDGE RECIPES HEALTHY CHOICE FUDGE RECIPES (for individuals requiring low sugar, low carb, or low fat recipes) HOLIDAY FUDGE RECIPES (special treats for the Holiday Season) PEANUT FUDGE BUTTER RECIPES QUICK & EASY FUDGE RECIPES SCRUMPTIOUS! FUDGE RECIPES (featuring special and delectable recipes!) MORE SCRUMPTIOUS! FUDGE RECIPES (you guessed it – more special and delectable recipes!)   Just like me, you can make your own delicious fudge at home!  The easy-to-follow Tips & Hints, concise ingredients, and complete recipe directions guarantee your success!   Enjoy mouth-watering FUDGE! recipes like:   BRANDY ALEXANDER SEASHORE FUDGE PEPPERMINT PHILADELPHIA FUDGE THE PRINCESS OF WALES' FUDGE BLUEBERRY CHEESECAKE EUPHORIA FUDGE PINA COLADA FUDGE ROYALE RASPBERRY COFFEE FUDGE TRIPLE CHOCOLATE TURTLE FUDGE KEY LIME FUDGE PEACHES-AND-CREAM FUDGE LOW-CARB MACADAMIA NUT FUDGE CHRISTMAS BERRY MOCHA FUDGE PEANUT BUTTER SEASHORE FUDGE FAMOUS QUICK GOURMET FUDGE MACKINAC ISLAND CHOCOLATE FUDGE PENUCHE FUDGE ROCKY ROAD FUDGE II WHITE OPERA FUDGE   and many, MANY more!   Yes, FUDGE! truly is Nectar From The Gods!   Order your copy of FUDGE! today! 
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