26 Recipes with Couscous - part 2

Autor: Mattis Lundqvist

Wydawnictwo: BookRix

Recipes:Couscous Breakfast MealCherry Tomatoes Decorated CouscousMango Flavoured CouscousSalmon Cake with CouscousApricots-Dates-Couscous-MixPeppered Couscous with MushroomsCouscous with Capers and ChickenCouscous with Mushrooms and TempehHarissa-Carrots-Flavoured Chicken with CouscousCheesy CouscousCouscous with Mozarella and TomatoesBroccoli-Ham-Mix with CouscousCouscous Bowl with Feta and JalapenoKale-Parmesan-Mix with stir fryed Beans and CouscousSavory with Parsley and CouscousBacon-Flavoured Couscous with Carrots and CurryHot Couscous SaladCouscous with Honey and RutabagaCouscous Soup with Beans and SquashCouscous Tabbouleh with FetaChives-Cheddar-Couscous-MixChicken Breast on Couscous with CornBaked Pork with CouscousCouscous with ScallopsLentils-Feta-Cranberries-Couscous-MixMandarine-Flavoured Couscous
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