Forest Escape

Autor: Noah Stamp

Wydawnictwo: BookRix

A rouge sorcerer, Bokun, is on the loose killing everything in sight. His next goal is to destroy the village that Shojo and her family live in. A day before he came by and wiped out the village. A spirit by the name of Keiro from the spirit island, Shima. Contacted her to leave before Bokun arrives, when night fell she did exactly what she was told. Meeting up with him, they both go back to Shima, where she will be training for the next couple of days. Sonzai, the creator of Shima, has been found in a deep slumber, with no way of waking the sleeping spirit. The island's protection is gone, now evil spirits and other invaders are able to enter and attack them. Four evil spirits fled to the island, all of them going to their own biome. Shojo's training was for her to go around and defeat all of the evil spirits to not only free Shima of them, but to better herself so she can be ready for Bokun. With twists and turns happening at every corner, Shojo finally defeated the four evil spirits. It was time to face Bokun and end the conflict at hand. Though when Bokun's forces arrive near Shima. Shojo, Keiro and their allies are in for a bigger fight than they expected. Will they be able to defeat Bokun and return Continent back to its former beauty? Or will they all crumble to the hands of a rouge sorcerer. 
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