Silent Escapes#4

Autor: C.C. Winter

Wydawnictwo: BookRix

'Fear was an emotion I forgot about to a certain level choosing to stare an embodiment of terror in the face and choosing fight instead flight. I had worry, sure, a human does remain in me. I consider what could go wrong when I get ahead of myself and volunteer for dangerous assignments. But, I learnt to reduce that hesitation into a challenge a practical test to see if I can hit my mark.I feed the very inner animal I let out with reckless shooting whenever I took on an undercover opt and pushed my way close to a concealed killer. I liked that thrill wake up every day hoping to get a new might even say I live for it. I long grew accustomed crushing fear, until today.' -Excerpt  Alice thinks their Killer's target is not the Miami PD after all, but just her. This provokes her to revisit a dark past and dig up the old, haunting secrets she had at least thought were buried forever. She can't squeal to her team, or Sergeant. Else, that very past will land her inside the same bars she put so many behind. Her only option is to tiptoe around the law and figure out how to save to her own neck.
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