Star Child

Autor: Katryn Ali

Wydawnictwo: BookRix

This is Book 6 of The Angels Of The Lord ChroniclesThis is the story of AAyaelees Amistis Star. Think of this like a science-fiction soap opera. A spin-off to the wonderful hit series - THE ADVENTURES OF AMISTIS STAR, already in the production of being published. Even though they may take a while to get published and put out there. This book gives you a bit of insight to her adventurous life. Her many travels as she goes from dimension to dimension, planet to extravagant planet.This is the last book of The Angels Of The Lord Chronicles. The books in order are:Book 1 - FLINT'S PRESENT Book 2 - THE VORTEX EXPERIMENT Book 3 - A NIGHT WITH THE GENERAL Book 4 - CORY AND SUZY Book 5 - UNDECIDED Book 6 - STAR CHILD
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