Stellar Youth

Autor: Mugibson Mugibson

Wydawnictwo: BookRix

Growing up, one constanly experiences various emotions, encounters, and changes as well. In a quest to share my story, thoughts on different aspects of life, i got the inspiration to pen down this body of art, the finnest I could come up with. These poems I have compiled into, 3 poetry collective books with Stellar Youth being the lead release. Stellar Youth, stands out with two words; Stellar (Wonderful) and Youth (since i wrote these poems in my teenage years).It is a balanced collection of soul-wrenching prose, and light inspirational poems, with some that are romantic, satirical, informative, philosophical at the same time. On "My Lost Valentine", i tell a story of an aged couple, in the case where one member of the pair had passed on, and on their anniversary, the partner alive expresses the emotions in words as written in the poem; for her  late husband. I also have a message for all dreamers in the "Clear Air' poem.  I also show off the love and pride i take in my father in the "My Precious Father" poem. And being a young man, i constantly had so many crushes, one of the pieces i wrote about one of those experiences was; "Dear Crush", "Geek In Love" and "I Was A Tenant" among others. Not forgetting the woes of unrequited love at times. So, the poems are like letters from my heart to you.I had promised my very good friend, that i was to drop it back then in November 2017 but I wasn't able to, since i was still in the creative process. This right here is a  set of my finest pieces of poetry work. About the cover, i chose Red roses to represent the love, happiness (highs in my life), that inspired some of the pieces whereas the dark (black and white) represented the low lights (losing loved ones, unrequited love, sickness, thoughts about the so many unanswered questions)I went through. Just hope you can relate with some or can draw inspiration from one of the pieces in here. Have a nice reading...
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